Ian Klein DPM – Takes Challenges To A New Level

•December 29, 2010 • 1 Comment

As the leading podiatrist in St. Petersburg, Florida, Ian Klein DPM is a successful healthcare professional who has spent over fifteen years serving his community. Dr. Klein has enhanced the lives of his patients with both his expertise in the field of podiatric medicine and his unique approach to the practice of consulting patients. Every consult that Ian Klein DPM performs is personal; Dr. Klein sees his patients as family and works hard to forge a lasting friendship that will make the patients feel comfortable in his care and will help him get the information he needs to make a proper diagnosis.

Ian Klein DPM is not only the premiere podiatrist in St. Petersburg, Florida, he is a leading community activist and supports a number of charitable organizations throughout the year. Dr. Klein’s personal philosophy is that his responsibility lies not only in taking care of his patients, but in taking care of the community in which they all live.

A doctor of podiatric medicine, Ian Klein DPM has made many improvements in the community and has bettered the lives of countless patients through his expertise and experience. A reliable and knowledgeable doctor, Ian Klein DPM is a committed member of his neighborhood and works hard to ensure that all who fall into his care are provided for. With this attitude, that of a true caretaker, Ian Klein DPM has healed thousands of people in the Bay Area and will continue his life-changing work for as long as it is needed.

For any and all of your podiatric needs, Ian Klein DPM is the man to see. He will take care of all of you, not just your feet.